Here you can find a set of Romanian texts (newspaper articles) annotated according to the Dependency Grammar formalism and using DGA.  These annotated texts can be viewed online. With a click on one of the following file names the file content will be displayed, each sentence on a separate row. With a click on a sentence a new window containing the annotation of the corresponding sentence will be opened. This annotation will be presented in the usual graphical form by means of a jpeg image. This image can be saved for further use, if needed. The annotations corresponding to several sentences can be simultaneously displayed. For each sentence (on which a click is performed) the browser will open a new window. 

Note: In order to allow online viewing,  the source  texts in XML format (see The XML format used by DGA) have been transformed into HTML format by means of XSLT. Starting from the HTML format a perl script dynamically generates the jpeg image corresponding to a sentence annotation. You can download the source texts (in XML format) from here in order to be viewed and / or modified using DGA.


t1 t2 t3 t4 t5 t6 t7 t8 t9 t10
tp1 tp2 tp3 tp4 tp5 tp6 tp7 tp8 tp9 tp10
tp11 tp12 tp13 tp14 tp15 tp16 tp17 tp18 tp19 tp20
tp21 tp22 tp23 tp24 tp25 tp26 tp27 tp28 tp29 tp30
tp31 tp32 tp33 tp34 tp35 tp36 tp37 tp38 tp39 tp40
tp41 tp42 tp43 tp44 tp45 tp46 tp47 tp48 tp49 tp50
tp51 tp52 tp53 tp54 tp55 tp56 tp57 tp58 tp59 tp60
tp61 tp62 tp63 tp64 tp65 tp66 tp67 tp68 tp69 tp70
tp71 tp72 tp73 tp74 tp75 tp76 tp77 tp78 tp79 tp80
tp81 tp82