Dependency Grammar Annotator (DGA) is a tool conceived in order to facilitate the syntactic annotation of texts (of a corpus) within the formal framework of Dependency Grammars. It has been designed in order to minimize the human effort necessary during the process of corpus creation.

The base of DGA is the graphical representation of the dependency relations. During the entire annotation process the user acts directly upon this graphical representation. As a consequence, besides the advantage of convenient usage, the accuracy of annotation increases, since the user receives an immediate graphical feedback regarding any changes performed in the syntactic structure. Operating upon the syntactic structure is extremely easy and intuitive: in order to create a dependency relation only two mouse clicks are necessary, while for labeling a word with the corresponding part of speech or for establishing the type of a dependency relation only one mouse click is needed, followed by the selection of the label from an appropriate list.

Main features:

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Here are some Romanian texts annotated with this tool