Sample of Automatically Generated Romanian Adjective Synsets (whithout enrichment)

The following cluster has been obtained using automatically generated adjective synsets (see below). For details relative to a synset click on it. The resources used to obtain these synsets were: WordNet 1.6, two small Romanian-English, English-Romanian dictionaries and a list of offsets of the synsets.

[{ [INNORAT, SENIN, !] posomorat,& innorat,& nebular,& intunecat,& greu,& vaporos,& }

{ posomorat, cetos, neguros, nebulos, neclar, confuz, incetosat, innorat, aburit, innorat,&}
{ innorat, noros, innorat,&}
{ nebular, innorat,&}
{ intunecat, posomorat, mohorat, noros, gri, cenusiu, sur, plumburiu, innorat,&}
{ greu, ursuz, posac, amenintator, innorat,&}
{ vaporos, innorat,&}

{ [SENIN, INNORAT, !] luminos,& senin,& bun,& linistit,& }

{ luminos, stralucitor, lucitor, sclipitor, lucios, insorit, senin,&}
{ senin, clar, senin,&}
{ bun, frumos, senin,&}
{ clar, senin, limpede, senin,&}