The first part of the BALRIC-LING project has ended! 

Here you can see the RORIC-LING bulletin containing all questions which have been asked during this phase of the project, together with the corresponding answers. If you will need to ask further questions concerning these topics, please feel free to do it any time in the future.

Grammatical formalisms and their usage in the case of the Romanian language:

Tools for corpora annotation (for more about corpora read the overview authored by the Greek partner):



A group of Romanian professors and assistants from the University of Bucharest (Faculty of Mathematics & Faculty of Letters), who are the authors of the materials included in these WEB pages, will answer all your questions concerning the presented theoretical specifications, programs, demonstrators etc. In order to receive answers twice a month you must subscribe to the RORIC WEB page. Please don't hesitate to ask all questions related to these topics which come to mind !