The third part of the BALRIC-LING project has ended! 

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Roric-Ling: topic 3

Here we shall refer to the application, in the case of the Romanian language, of two different approaches to morphological analysis: inflexional morphology and the so-called "full-form lexicon". These completely different approaches to morphology are complementary since, while inflexional morphology is very useful for generation, the full-form lexicon type approach has been proven useful for analysis.

Inflexional morphology
an online demo and a paper

We shall demonstrate the inflectional approach in the case of Romanian nouns and adjectives. In the paper you can see the inflection rules which have been used in the generation of Romanian noun and adjective forms. The accompanying demo implements these rules.

Full-form lexicon
an online demo and a paper

The aim of this approach to computational morphology is the construction of a dictionary of annotated inflected word forms for Romanian. The dictionary (the file RomDict.txt) is expressed in the DELAF format (INTEX, Zilberstein 1993). It is associated with another file containing the description of the labels used in characterizing the inflected forms (Definitions.txt). Both files serve as resources for an analyzer designed by the colleagues from the Bulgarian team.

Details about the construction of the Romanian dictionary may be found in the paper. The online demo shows the analyzer at work.

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