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Phobos Soft - About us

    Phobos is a software producing company broad to life by our desire to provide high quality software for the romanian market. We believe that IT is a great opportunity for Romania and the other developing countries.

    Since January 1998 when we started, we worked with several companies, including an important local Internet Service Provider, FX Internet.
    Some of our other initial partners and contractors were:

Oxford Search Group, NY
(the Career Navigator project)
EOS GmbH, Muenchen.

Fotoservice SRL

Juridic Council of the Romanian Parliament.

    For the future we are planning to extends our contacts with international software producers and engineering companies looking for custom, on-demand created software.

    Why should such a foreign company work with us? These are the reasons for that:

  • We are creating high quality software, competing with the best one on the software market.
  • We are working fast.
  • Our software is cost-effective, comparing with the software from the well known producers.
  • The software we create is the software you are asking for, and that is the best way to have a software tailored for your needs, excepting, of course, writing it yourself, which is not really a choice for most companies having other interest domains.
  • If you need something special or very difficult to do, then it's a job for us. Take a look at this case: Someone contacted us for a program to get the version of  the Windows programs, but to do this on Unix environments. Of course, there was no documentation of any kind related to this. So we had to find ourselves how to get it. Two days of tests produced the final result. We had fun doing it so we granted  an usage license for free (you too can get the ANSI C source code from here. You can use it in any of yours programs, with the only restriction you should include the following text in any copyright notice your program has: "Part of this program was created by Phobos Soft Co SRL Romania,")
You can find here more about our team.