SC Phobos Soft Co. SRL
sos. Bucuresti-Ploiesti nr. 14-22 bl. XIII/2 ap. 5
Bucuresti sect. 1 cod 013694, Romania
telefon: +4021-232 05 72, e-mail: office07(at)

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Phobos Soft - Services

Services we provide:

  •      programming applications for Win32 platforms (Windows XP,2000, 98/Me/NT) and for Unix platforms.
  •      web sites creation and maintenance - take a look at these nice samples.
  •      porting applications from Unix to Windows.


  •      Speech synthesizers for Romanian language (see here for a demo)
  •      Audio applications speech/music effects: duration shrinking and enlarging; pitch translation
  •      Disk space management tool for Win32
You can find here more about our team.